Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Rising Living Costs: How to Retain Employees

Each year, companies lose up to $64 billion due to unconscious bias in the workplace resulting in high employee turnover.¹  As companies fall behind in talent retention, cultivating a supportive environment will prove crucial. 

On-Demand Webinar: “Strategies to Retain The New Workforce”

Our recent webinar explored actionable strategies for making your company more inclusive. These recommendations will help attract, retain, and inspire the most talented employees.

You’ll learn from the webinar's expert panelists: 

  • How to leverage diversity as a differentiator for retention
  • How to  attract and retain talent with an employee value proposition
  • How to educate supervisors on how to identify, understand, and respond to diversity issues
  • How to provide benefits such as flexible work arrangements to offset rising living costs

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¹ Crosby Burns, “The Costly Business of Discrimination,”  Mar  22, 2012,

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